Shopinshop for brands

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Advantages for your brand

Increase profitability

Are you looking for new retails? We have thousands of multi-brand retails where you can sell your collections.

Shopinshop provides an online platform for all brands and stores to get in touch with each other to make wholesales and consignment sales in a safe, convenient and standardized way.


Negotiate Flexibly

We provide you our online sales platform, so you can negotiate with more than 5.800 retails,  but you still have complete right to make sales in the way that suits you most.

Manage your sales

Shopinshop allows your brand to control over your business. You can keep track of your shipments, sales, returns and invoicing.

Join the plan that interests you the most

Select your country:  

Starter package +

Account Executive assigned to the brand.

You can contact 75 retailers per month.

Access to the database of national and international retailers (maximum 2 countries).

75.00 € / month + vat
or an annual payment of 720.00 € + vat

Package silver +

Preferential visibility of the brand and showcase

You can contact 150 stores per month.

Access to the database of all countries.

99.00 € / month + vat
or an annual payment of 950.00 € + vat

Register and share your virtual showroom

Register and upload your collections through private access and show your collections to hundreds of retails registered in Shopinshop.

Find Retails

Locate the retails that best fit your brand and needs with the optimized search filters.

Sell your products

Make sales easily through our application or in the way that is the easiest for you.

Value the experience

The success of Shopinshop is based on the monitoring and evaluations of the brands and associated retails.

They work with us

Join and make your collection popular to hundreds of retails from now on.