Shopinshop for stores

Find new products for your store and surprise your customers


Advantages for your retail

Great brands

Are you looking for new unique brands for your retail? Do you need new suppliers? Shopinshop offers you exclusive brands, in wholesales and consignment sales!.

Negotiate flexibly

We provide you our online sales platform, but you are totally free to make the purchases in the way that suits you most.

Easy and intuitive

The platform allows you to manage the purchases of your business in a simple, secure and complete way.

Free for retails

Using Shopinshop is totally free of charge from now on without a due day. The brands will pay a variable commission on the operations that they do with your retail.

Register and find the best brands

Once you register your retail, you can access to hundreds of brands and thousands of products. You can use filter to find products that fit your clients most.


Purchase through wholesales or consignment sales

If you wish, you can control the whole process through our platform.

Value the experience

The success of Shopinshop is based on the monitoring and evaluations of the brands and associated retails.

They work with us

Join and find unique collections from hundreds of brands from now on.