Frequently asked questions

Shopinshop has a support service that is available to users. You can contact us

Shopinshop has a support service that is available to users. You can contact us at

Evaluations appeared in our platform were written by brands and retailers that have used our services. After a realistic experience of using the services in Shopinshop, brands and retailers will give evaluations to the services.

Shopinshop  does not charge anything for its services to retailers. To the brands we charge a monthly fee depending on the chosen plan, as well as 3% of the sales that are done using our tool. In the case that the sales of brand are not carried out of using our tools, Shopinshop will not charge any commission.

Different plans of Shopinshop provide a different number of proactive operations that we can do to the brands. All the retailers are able to contact any brands. However, brands will be entitled to a number of proactive message to contact with retailers depending on the plan you join. Also, the number of products to the tool or accessibility to countries where you can sell your products are also depending on the plan you join.

The Shopinshop model complements the traditional consignment sales with new tools (contracts through the acceptance of terms of use, control panel for online tracking of sales and its statistical treatment, evaluation system of brands and retails etc.) that make this new consignments sales a simple, safe and reliable option to increase the sales and visibility of our product and brand.

It is the sale where the brand does not sell the product to retailers, but leaves it on deposit at its premises. The sales between brands and retailers will only take place when the retailer sell the product to the final consumer. Periodically the consignment sales will be settled based on the removal of the unsold stocks of the corresponding brand and the payment to the brands by the retailers of all the goods that have been sold.

A standardized system is available to brands and retailers in Shopinshop for the realization of wholesales and consignment sales. Other services will be provided:

  • Marketplace portal where brands and retailers can be located through the use of the filters that best suit them: location, target, products sold, range, style, etc.
  • Tools that ensure that sales are carried out optimally and economically, minimizing risks and incidents. For this, Shopinshop has the following means and services:
    • Pre-assessment of retailers and brands prior to their acceptance into the "Marketplace" Shopinshop.
    • Support team consists of account executives to assist the brand-retailer relationship and deal with any incidents happened during the operation.
    • System of evaluations of brands and retailers where both can reach the qualification and opinion of previous users.
    • Shopinshop quality control system. Through different filters, the operation of brands and retailers is evaluated, and in case of repetitive or serious incidents or non-compliance, the user of the application is discharged.
    • Standardized agreement between retailers and brands with detailed description of the products sent, stipulated deadlines of the consignment sales and security clauses for the resolution of different situations and possible incidents.

Systematics for the unambiguous identification of products, stock control and daily sales tracking.

Retailers will pay directly to brands without passing through Shopinshop. Shopinshop is an operation facilitator to build a communication bridge between brands and retailers as service. However, to maintain the quality of products and services, Shopinshop bears the responsibility to keep track of information presented on the platform and minimize any misunderstanding through systems like evaluations-based target system.

Shopinshop is initially focused on the sale of textile products and accessories. In any case, we are open to study new product lines. If you are interested in becoming part of our Marketplace please write us to

Shopinshop does not sell anything to end customers. We are a platform for professionals to link to their potential partners. We have a channel for end customers to advertise and give repercussion to its brands and retailers, with the only sense to support them and facilitate a greater sale and income.

Every brand or retailer can be registered in Shopinshop after being approved by Shopinshop. All registered brands or retailers have to be evaluated and approved by our specialized team to ensure products are qualified. Moreover, brands and retails are continually evaluated by other brands and retailers that made transactions with them. This provides you a thorough understanding of a potential partner and to ensure all companies in Shopinshop are the best options. Any company that does not pass our initial filters or worsen subsequent evaluations can not be part of our platform.

The Shopinshop platform operates based on the verified information provided by each brand and retailer to create partnerships with as large number of transactions and sales as possible. Each photo shown in the platform is very important to every potential partner since this is the way for them to know what product or space is being offered. It is our duty to ensure every image is qualified to present and fits the reality. Hence, high-quality photos are necessary otherwise new photographs are required to submit again so as to reach the standard and proceed to the next step.

Shopinshop is a platform designed for users to build a great connection to other partners and boost sales and revenue. If you are an approved representative or agent of several brands, we are delighted to work with you!

No. Shopinshop has an optimized, easy and intuitive tool to carry out the sales and follow up them. However, in case the brand wishes to sell through its own website, representatives or other channel, it can do so.